Welcome, everyone, to the first Custom Class Concept Contest. Once this goes live, the contest will begin. Since I have no idea what else to say, let's move onto the rules. There are multiple categories for judging. They are:

Unique Mechanics: Things that are new to the game.

Interesting Gameplay: Mainly dealing with how much fun the concept sounds to play as.

Cohesion: Which includes balance and how clean the concept is in terms of layout, coding, and how well the class's abilities and whatnot work together. Concepts that don't have a full set of abilities will either be disqualified or given a penalty. We want finished things, people! Unfinished concepts clutter the wiki and don't look as pretty, plus it kind of feels like a cop out to only make a few abilities and enter a contest.

Bonus Material: Things not specified by the contest theme, such as storyline or a custom weapon in a contest where weapons aren't required.

And Performance: Whether or not the class has a clear role in the game, and whether or not it succeeds in this role. A tank should be able to soak damage, a support should be able to adequately help its team, a hard carry should be able to deal high amounts of damage, and a class that is a mix should perform each of its roles as best it can. This category will be slightly secondary to balance, so a support probably shouldn't be healing people for their entire health bars every five seconds, unless there is some mechanic that makes it incredibly hard(But possible) to do so.

Concepts must be posted as articles by the time the contest ends. Once it's posted, you have until the end of the time period to tweak, redesign, and clean it up. But once the poll is posted, no more entries will be taken and entries may not be changed until the poll has ended. You may not enter a concept that has already been posted on the wikia. We want to see how creative people can be in a short period of time.

If you're having issues with things such as coding, ask and I or someone else will help however we can. Likewise, if you're having trouble bringing your concept to life, go ahead and make a blog page with some details of the concept asking for help, and at the very least I will take a look at it and see if I have any ideas for you.

Also, please sign your concept with a link to your userpage by typing four tildes(~~~~) at the bottom of the article page. You will have to make a wikia account to create an article for your concept, but if you got here from the NK forums, you probably already have an email address, so there should be no problem with it.

With that, let's move onto this week's theme. I figured, in case anyone actually made it here from the NK forums, I'd start us off with a simple one. Just rework one of the three preexisting classes, Assault, Medic, or Heavy. This week, we'll have a few extra categories to keep in mind for judging.

Similarity: Whether or not you can tell the class is based off of the original.

Improvement: Whether or not it improves the original class.

Difference: Please don't take the set of abilities from your original class and tweak the numbers. That's not nice.

Apart from all that, what you do is entirely up to you. You can take the playstyle of your original class and work off of that, or you can take an ability(Or several) and rework the class around it/them. You'll have until December 15 to get it up on here, which in my opinion is actually way too much time. Nonetheless, if enough people want an extension, I can extend it by as much as a week. With that all said, good luck, and have fun. Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer them whenever I get around to it. When you have it up, post a link to its wiki page in the comments, so we can see them.