OWCC- Original Weapon Concept Contest

I'd just like to see what unique weapons you guys can think of. Since Erendian started a Custom Class Concept Contest, I'll start an Original Weapon Concept Contest.

Also, For people who want to become judges, Say it in your reply or tell me on my message wall. Either way will do. A maximum of 3 Judges will be allowed. And if you're a judge, You're not allowed to vote for your own conception.


Forgotten Madness (Me, Default. Since there's not many people.)

Doue (Volounteered)

Judge 3

Also note that I technically "count" as a "judge". Since I created this and I'd like to see what you can think of. But anyone can vote, It's just judges who can state very truthful opinions. TRUE opinions. They were not paid or anything just to say something good about a certain conception. Anyone can simply just say something good because the user who made it is their friend. But I expect Judges to be very honest. No exceptions.

There will be three judges since 3 is an odd number and we won't end up with a stalemate if there are only two entries. Likely that one judge will vote for one and the other judge votes for the other. So a third judge balances it out.

Currently there's only two. So if there's a tie, I'll simply resort to another voting. That next time with just the finalists.

Judges can also say their opinions on the weapon on the weapon's page. 

Hope you enjoy, Goodluck have fun!


Rules are simple:

No taking of already existing ideas. That's......just not right. Although you can submit already existing weapons that are YOURS.

No copying. References are OK, But I strongly recommend you use your mind as a reference.

If you made a manufacturer conception, Then good for you. You can simply use that. If you'd like to use a manufacturer for your weapon, Either make the manufacturer (If said manufacturer isn't a conception yet) or ask the creator of a manufacturer.

Make it something unique, Make even a backstory to it! These things get really interesting. Though there can be exceptions. Such as the weapon coming from Hell, Or it has lost origins, etc. etc.

No Godmodding, Seriously, Don't make it that powerful. Balance it! Any Godmodded weapons will immediately be disqualified. (e.g. "This gun can 1 shot a Mega Worm." any weapon with a statistic/description like that will be disqualified. No exceptions.

No joking, I mean it. Any participant who doesn't take this seriously at all gets disqualified.  (e.g. "Fart Machine Gun" Deals 10000000000 damage per projectile, Has infinite ammunition, and farts at 99999999999999999 projectiles per second. Very OP. Use against Savage Necrosis.")

No accusing people. When I say this, I REALLY mean it. Just because someone got to your conception first doesn't mean you should start accusing them. It's your fault you said it to somebody. So keep your conception away from everyone!

References to stuff is allowed. Even though I said before anyone who doesn't take it seriously at all gets disqualified, SOME references to stuff/jokes/etc. are allowed. (e.g. "Leeroy Jenkins Mode" Causes a vibration in your weapon, Then causes you to move 100% faster, Reload 100% faster, Fire 100% faster, And makes you take 100% more damage.)

And most of all- Goodluck have fun!

Once this contest starts, You all have until December 18 (American Time) to finish. That's a load of time. So you can edit, Finalize and etc. etc.