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Helios Ex
• 5/16/2016

ORCC (Original Relic Concept Contest)

Greetings, there are as of right now two relic weapons. Let's fix that. this is a contest with a winner, but no prize (sorry, not sorry.)

Judges are: 

Me (of course)


Unknown Judge (looking for volunteers, Gracchus maybe? Ganbeeeeee maybe?)

What is a Relic weapon tho?

Relic weapons are rare weapons that have similarly high damage to (black) versions, without having the same color scheme necessarily, each one will always come 10*** and be incredibly expensive to augment, along with this though, they can only drop from a minimum level 6 strongbox (Promethium), Relic weapons along with all these things come with a number of slots for specialized additions (that can be cleaned with cores), with a maximum of five. This is up to the discretion of the creator. These specialized additives will have varying costs as defined by the creator of the weapon, for example the Bullet Hose requires Elite augment cores to do add the up to four , and the GWB 781 Jet Fuel requires large sums of money.

Entries should be made as pages and linked in responses.

Final Judge application should be here as well.

if you are in need of examples, I would recommend the Bullet hose or Jet fuel, which are linked above, and below, and to the wall, and to the window

Rules (which are just about totally stolen from one of the previous challenges) are simple:

No taking of already existing ideas. That's......just not right. Although you can submit already existing weapons that are YOURS.

No copying. References are OK, But I strongly recommend you use your mind as a reference.

Relic weapons are a bit unique as is, so of course this means that they don't necessarily even need a manufacturer, but do please make sure that they are something different from normal

No excessively powerful weapons. the judges will well, be the judge of that

No excessively humorous weapons. there could be underlying jokes and all, such as with the Jet fuel. like a fart launcher or something? nah...

No accusing people. When I say this, I REALLY mean it. Just because someone got to your conception first doesn't mean you should start accusing them. It's your fault you said it to somebody. So keep your conception away from everyone!

References to stuff is allowed. Even though I said before anyone who doesn't take it seriously at all gets disqualified, SOME references to stuff/jokes/etc. are allowed. 

Last rule, and possibly most important - Have some dang fun! Don't be too stressed if you can't think of anything super serious; I'll probably let it slide, unless It's highly referential to Undertale. I hate that game. Well, less the game more the fanbase.

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Helios Ex
• 5/17/2016

So... is their like a deadline or something... because if so, that would be nice to know. 

• 5/17/2016

Good point, there is. Last day of May.

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