"With millenia of experience under their belt, "Improvement" will modify the gun to it's best potential. A 98% satisfaction rating and a long warranty backs up their claims."
―Official description
"Anything can be improved"
―Official slogan

Story Behind It and Some Info Edit

In 1939, the great grandfather of the founder of Kaizen Corp. believed that anything could be improved, no matter what. As a result, he formed the "Improvement" gun tuning subsidiary. When a new gun comes out, this subsidiary of Kaizen Corp. will do research on the gun, and then buy one of them to test. Their strict staff will almost always find flaws in it's design and performance. In that case, they will talk to the designers, engineers, and manufacturing specialists, and will visit the manufacturing buildings that produce the gun. After getting crucial information, the engineers will develop instructions and custom made parts that will be retrofitted into the gun. When a customer wants his gun to be improved, the mechanics will meticulously take it apart and fit in new and improved parts. For a customer wants a eligible gun to be modified by the company, they will have to submit a "CI" Ticket and the gun that will be modified. Both have to be found in strongboxes. They currently have a satisfaction rate of 98%, after thousands of years in business, and a 10 year warranty to make sure problems get corrected, fast. They have been most famous for releasing modifications for the M16 and AK47 assault rifles, in 1960 and 1970, respectively. "Improvement" was bought by Kaizen Corp. in 2500 for 500 Billion US Dollars. The names of all "Improvement" modifications will feature a "CI" and the gun modified before the actual name, and all guns modified by "Improvement" will get "Tuned by "Improvement" stamped in small but bold letters on the right side. CI stands for Continuous Improvement. They only modify guns and vehicles. Usually, most of the gun's stats will stay the same after modification.

This is run by a master mechanic (66mazda), assisted by his elite team of engineers and mechanics. The team will always work together and do their part in every project and challenge.

Modifications Edit

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