Weapon Conception
- 현궁 Hyon-goong -
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 127 mm in width, 15kg weight
Ammunition Material Carbon fiber cased plasma explosive.
Muzzle Velocity 860m/s max
Weight 32kg loaded
Accessories Target Assist Optic, Anti-Armor Trigger system, Shoulder mounting plate
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 12000 WHITE Version
24000 RED Version
36000 BLACK Version
48000 Prem
Pierce 10
Rate of Fire 1 RPS
Capacity 1
Reload Time 4 sec
Area of Effect 2m
Movement -90%, -45% when not holding
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type EnergyicoEnergy
Approx. Drop Level 60 WHITE Version
100 RED Version&BLACK Version
Single DPS [?] 3000 WHITE Version
6000 RED Version
9000 BLACK Version
12000 Prem
Ammo Used [?] 현궁 Anti-Tank Rockets
Additional Stats
- Tilts towards enemy
- Tilting and rocket speed increases for more distance traveled
- +10% damage to primary target per 1m traveled
"Named after 21st century anti-tank rockets, this ion engine-propelled shoulder mounted rocket launcher will reduce any target into bis of pieces"
―Official Description

현궁, pronounced hyon-goong, aka 현궁 Anti-Material Rocket Launcher is a rocket launcher manufactured by S&T Motiv.

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