"Containing small capsules of antidote interweaved into a tough fabric, the Biowarfare-type armor is designed to provide an emergency defense for the wearer in the form of conversion of any attackers."
―Official Description

The A-03 Biowarfare is a unique torso piece created by The Antidote Brothers. It appears rather late, with the regular variant appearing at Rank 30 and [RED] variants not appearing until Rank 75. While severely lacking in physical and thermal defense, the Biowarfare armor has a high Toxic resistance and can turn an attacking horde against each other with frightening rapidity, due to attacks bursting the antidote capsules embedded in the armor.

Statistics Edit

  • 15 Physical, 0 Thermal, 120 Toxic Defense. [RED] variant gains 55 Physical, 25 Thermal, and 350 Toxic defense.
  • Gives the player a passive ability which releases a cloud of antidote whenever they are hit. The cloud has a radius of half a metre, lasts two seconds, and has a 10% chance to convert any infected walking through it. [RED] variant ups conversion chance to 15%.
  • No movement bonuses or penalties.

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