- AXWAL JJ-1 Astrometus Battlecruiser -
AXWAL JJ-1 Atrometus Battlecruiser
Manufacturer: AXWAL
Affiliation: Defenders of the Rac'tovar-Troahth System
Dimentions: 4120 feet long

1280 feet tall
1594 feet wide

Role: Transport/Battle Support
Crew: 20000
Production Cost: 300,000,000,000 Daldennan Thrutes

(2,000,000,000,000 SAS creds)

"I had to wait almost a year after being promoted to commodore to receive the ship that I command. But that's understandable. It takes about 10 months to construct one of these behemoths."
―A Daldennan commodore
The AXWAL JJ-1 Astrometus Battlecruiser is a large starship that can be used as a transport or a battleship. It houses over 1000 each of fighters and bombers.

Construction on an Astrometus is long and tedious, not to mention expensive. The ship stays harbored outside of the planet it's assigned to protect so as to greatly slow its wearing down.

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