Weapon Conception
- AXWAL L-23 Dominator -
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions Varies
Ammunition Material Shock particles, Plasma, or Protons
Muzzle Velocity Varies
Weight 25 lbs.
Accessories 2x-10x magnification scope
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile (AR) 720

(SR) 10500 (RL) 15000

Pierce (AR) 3

(SR) 5 (RL) 16

Rate of Fire (AR) 6

(SR) 2 (RL) 1

Capacity 96
Reload Time 3.2 sec
Area of Effect 3m (RL only)
Movement -25%
Firing Mode Full-auto
Weapon Class AR
Damage Type (AR) EnergyicoShock

(SR) EnergyicoEnergy (RL) EnergyicoEnergy

Approx. Drop Level Championship Weapon
Ammo Cost $$$5760 BLACK Version for 200 rounds
Ammo Used [?] AXWAL Ionophasing energy
Additional Stats
Sniper Rifle shot depletes 8 ammo; Rocket Launcher shot depletes 20 ammo.

Ammo for this weapon is double the normal cost (of EnergyicoEnergy/EnergyicoShock AR ammo).

"Ionophasing energy allows the L-23 Dominator to produce shock particles, plasma blasts, or high-energy proton beams."
―Official description
The AXWAL L-23 Dominator is a very powerful Assault Rifle that has characteristics of three weapon classes: Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Rocket Launcher. It uses Assault Rifle collection rewards and masteries, as well as Assault Rifle ammunition.

The AR aspect works like a more powerful Gigavolt, dealing EnergyicoShock damage. Left-click is used to fire on this mode.

The SR aspect wroks somewhat like a very powerful EnergyicoEnergy RIA 50. Right-click is used to fire on this mode.

The RL aspect is a lot like a Feldhaubitz combined with a Jagdfaust. Spacebar is used to fire on this mode.

When fired on the AR, SR, or RL mode, the gun cannot fire on any mode for .166 seconds, .5 seconds, or 1 full second, respectively. Overclocked can be applied and will affect each firing mode, as well as reduce the cooldown time for each mode. Enlarged will not affect the AR or SR modes. The cost of augmenting this weapon is extremely high.

Being an AXWAL weapon, it is very rare and has more expensive ammunition.

Firing this weapon on SR mode is 120% of the what the cost of AXWAL's EnergyicoEnergy SR ammo would be.

  • This gun's ammo in SR mode is $19.2 per shot, since $480 buys 25 shots (200 rounds total/8 rounds per shot). 60 shots for AXWAL's EnergyicoEnergy SR ammo would be $960. $960/60 shots equals $16 per shot.

Firing this weapon on RL mode is exactly the same cost that AXWAL's EnergyicoEnergy RL ammo would be.

  • This gun's ammo in RL mode is $48 per shot, since $480 buys 10 shots (200 rounds total/20 rounds per shot). 10 shots for AXWAL's EnergyicoEnergy RL ammo would cost $480. $2400/50 shots equals a price of $48 per shot.

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