Base Stats
Physical Def. 99% resistance
Thermal Def. 89% resistance
Chemical Def. 84% resistance
Energy Def. 84% resistance
Move Speed +10% (nullifies all other speed modifiers)
Reload Speed 3 sec, 400 cap
Gun Damage 500, 20 rps, 2 pierce, Full-auto
Passive CQC Melee attack (Activated ability: 2-key) 12000, 4 pierce

1.2 sec cooldown Physicalico Physical damage Shockwave (Activated ability: 3-key) 1000, 16 pierce 15 sec cooldown EnergyicoEnergy damage pushes non-bosses back 3 m

Approx. Drop Level The suit's pieces cannot drop before level 75. The drop chance for MAKRGAU pieces is incredibly rare.
Additional Stats
12000 health; when health is depleted, the suit is no longer active.

Activated abilities have no energy cost.

"The Mechanized Armored Kinetic Resilient Ground Assault Unit is fueled by Oxifusion power cells and can go days without recharging. The MAKRGAU is made to allow kinetic energy to pass right through with minimal absorption, making physical attacks practically useless against it."
―Official description

All parts of the MAKRGAU suit must be acquired before the MAKRGAU is able to be used. These parts are the Helm, the Body, the Arms, the Legs, and the Treads. The MAKRGAU is activated by clicking a check box next to the suit: all collected pieces are held in the same armor slot on the armor menu. Each piece can only be gotten once. EACs cannot change the suit's armor aspects.

While using the MAKRGAU, the player will have 10000 health that repairs 10 hp/sec: these stats cannot be affected by anything.

The suit has a mounted laser that follows normal weapon programming. The suit is automatically 10*** and the augments for it are limited to its laser: Deadly, Overclocked, Pierce, Adaptive, Racemodded, and Capacity are available. The suit's grade cannot be changed. However, an EAC can remove the augs.

Once its health is depleted, the suit vanishes and the user will have his normal gear. The suit's disappearance resembles that of the the Assault Team members.

If the MAKRGAU's health is depleted, the player must pay $1000000 to repair it before it can be used again.

Trivia Edit

The suit's acronym is pronounced MACK-er-gow.

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