"An extremely mutated form, bathed in a lethal cocktail of corrosive substances, sprouting massive tentacles, and bearing skin that is extremely resistant to all known toxins. Any resemblance to a human form is purely superficial."
―Official Description
The Abomination is a Tier 3 boss. Like the significantly tougher Revenant, the Abomination also signals its approach, but it is through splattering a cone of acid puddles from the direction it is going to appear from (unless you are on Zombie Pods (or similar maps) and Onslaught) 15 seconds before it happens. Also, when it appears (outside of the aforementioned two maps), it burninates everything on the planet bashes down a wall corresponding to where the narrow end of the cone points to. While it is extremely slow and has no conventional melee attack, it has lots of health and it is difficult to take cover from its "ranged" attacks, as they tend to go around walls. Going into defilade isn't going to work, either, as the tentacles can go over obstacles.


  • Acid Bath: Recovers health from chemical weapons.
  • Crystalizing Toxin: Releases a pool of the same liquid that the Boss Egg ejects in its attacks from the Zombie Pods mission. The pool extends 5 metres in all directions, and crystalizes into the familiar spikes.
  • Tentacle Barrage: Spins rapidly, releasing 5-8 tentacles. The tentacles will bounce off of walls a maximum of 3 times for normal Abominations, or 6 times for Savage Abominations. The tentacles do very high damage (anywhere from 750-1500 HP), pass over obstacles, and have an effective range of 40 metres, including bounces. If they hit a wall a fourth time, they will stop.
  • Toughness: Takes 25% less (50% for Savage) damage from explosions. This includes explosions that deal Thermal and Energy damage.
  • Acid Blood: Automatic Acid Blood status.


Savage versions have 10x all stats except for movement speed, turn speed, and drop chance.

  • Health: 65,000 HP
  • Melee Attack Damage: N/A
  • Area Attack Damage: Varies.
  • Ranged Attack Damage: See Abilities section.
  • Turn Speed: 10 degrees per second
  • Movement Speed: 3 metres per second
  • Drop Chance: 100%


  • This was attempted to be made a long time ago.

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