The acid hound is a chapionship laser made by ... it is extremely good as it combines the power of Hotsot and CM X1 Furie. Why? It shoots continuosly like the hotspot while leaving a puddle of acid on whatever it hits

Apearance Edit

The acid hound looks like the acid hound from strike force heroes 3 (search google for acid hound sfh 3 to find out more) but it has glowing orb of Furie and Hotspot's barrel

Stats Edit


rate of fire:30 rps





movement penalty:45

reload time:3 seconds

fire mode: full auto

ammo cost;1000 for 1000


approx. drop level:100 however it is a championship weapon.

Other stuff you need to know Edit

It's official description only says "....

It's weapon type is laser however it is an acid launcher.

And last but not least it's championship is only there for 5 days.

That's all you need to know

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