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Weapon Conception
- Acidic Cannon -
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Statistical Info
Ammunition Material Fluroantimonic Acid

Teflon (Canister)

Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 10-0
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 8000
Pierce 1
Projectiles / shot [?] 5
Rate of Fire 2
Capacity 10
Area of Effect 5 seconds
Movement 80%
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type Chemicalico Chemical
Approx. Drop Level 100
Ammo Cost $3000 for 100
""Melts all organic substances. Will melt a hole in your hand if you are not careful.""
―-Official Description
This gun uses fluroantimonic acid to melt a hole in most things. Shoots multiple volleys of the canisters that deal little to no damage, but when the acid comes out, it does MASSIVE damage.Every canister explodes on target.If it hits the ground, it will leave a acid pool of 1.5 meters for 3 sec.

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