- Aeolipile Industries -
Aeolipile Industries-Logo
Manufactures Weaponry/Turrets
Design Pattern Gray/gold coloration scheme
Elaborate ornamentation
Steam release on reload
Named after British battleships
"A well-established manufacturer with a keen eye on water-cooled systems. While their designs look ancient by modern standards, they are highly lethal and can mow down infantry by the hundreds. Aeolipile's weapons are excellent for when long-lasting defensive firepower is the order of the day."
―Manufacturer description
Aeolipile Industries is a "steampunk" themed manufacturer that makes heavy, defensive-oriented weapons. They typically have higher damage values than most other weapons as well as large capacities, but are significantly heavier and clumsier to move, making them best to use when the player does not have to move extensively.

Manufactured Weapons Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

Light Machine Guns Edit

Shotguns Edit

Lasers Edit

Disc Shooters Edit

Championship Reward Edit

Turrets Edit

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