"The Amputator is a brutal and bloody weapon. Lighter than many guns and strong enough to blow apart most zombies in a single shot, this weapon is truly a deadly weapon to wield. It can easily turn zombies into a pile of bones and flesh. Due to its power and recoil, the Amputator has been banned from twenty-three trans-fed planets."

Damage per pellet: 625 Pierce: 10

Pellets per shot: 6 Resistance ignorance: -20% Physical

Capacity: 6. Type: Semi-Auto Physical shotgun

Reload time: 3.2 seconds Company: Point Blank

RPS: 3

Movement penalty: -6%

The Amputator is a semi auto shotgun which deals a huge amount of physical damage, enough to make shielders not a big problem or any physical resistant zombies for that matter. Being a shotgun and a Point Blank weapon, it is once again mostly effective at short range.

The Amputator is a immensely powerful shotgun. It packs a lot of punch for each shotgun pellet, one can probably take out spitters, stalker, runners and maybe even shielders in one shot! Bloaters can be taken out if it receives three or four shots. It also is a relatively light shotgun and ammo price for the Amputator is very low, making it a financial good weapon. It's pierce also makes it good for fanning out crowds as a single shot can take out sixty zombies at the most. It also has a unique aspect of being one of the special weapons with can ignore enemy resistance.

The Amputator, however, has a tiny clip and a massive reload time. This terrible when cornered by zombies whilst reloading as it can only take under three seconds to be killed by a pack of bloaters. Another problem is its low rate of fire, especially for a semi auto weapon. And being a semi auto weapon, it cannot be overclocked meaning it is extremely slow firing. It can also be critized that when the Amputator is fired, the player can be visually seen taking in a lot of recoil and in some cases, moving backwards.

Overall, the Amputactor can be a great secondary weapon and a good crowd controller. Augments that can be placed on the Amputator can be deadly, capacity or race-modes to make up for its tiny clip and long reload time, adaptive for more ignorance of enemy armour and pin point just to rack up those criticals.


-The Amputator's bullets have a wide spread, even for a shotgun. It is advised to get close to a boss or tough zombie if you wish to take them out quickly.

-After being fired, the Amputator's barrel slightly glows read and smoke pours out of the barrel.

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