The ATS was made to surpress any infected turrets, and used to be very effective. However, now, nearly all of them have been corrupted..

Note: This is a "boss" enemy, simaler to the Zombdroid Servant. As such, it has regular and savage versions.


HP: 8000

Resistance: 100% turret damage, 20% physical damage.

DMG: 100 Integrated anti "zombies" turrets; 1000 seeking missles.

Damage(to turrets): 10000 damage.

Attack Speed: 5/s Mini-Turret, 0.7/s Seeking Missles, 0.2222/s Anti Turret Blasters.


HP: 2400000

Resistance: 100% turret damage, 33.333% physical damage, 10% Universal.

DMG: 300 Integrated anti "zombies" turrets; 3500 seeking missles.

Damage(to turrets): 30000 damage.

Attack Speed: 6.7/s Mini-Turret, 1/s Seeking Missles, 0.44444/s Anti Turret Blasters.

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