The Antifection 552 is a weapon made by The Antidote Bros. It is a "flamethrower" weapon, but, instead of firing fire, it fires a chemical substance that is likely to cause Cured I.V. for 35 seconds. It is a reliabal late-game weapon. Oh, and, if it does not cause cured, the zombie continually takes lesser damage until the weapon stops firing, due to a chemical charge in the weapon that fires at a zombie that got affected by the weapon, weakening it until the weapon stops firing. Has 7/8 chemical charges that can each cause Cured II.


DMG: 20, 35 RED

RPS: 20/22
Antifection 551

Ignore the fact that this file is called "Antifection 551"

Cure chance: 0.5/0.8%

Chemical Charge DMG/sec: 200, 300 RED

Chemical Charge Cure Chance: 6%, 10% RED

Clip: 980/1100

Reload: 2.2 sec

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