- Antimatter -
I'm working on it
Manufactures Weapons, turrets, and vehicles.
Founded 2990
"Antimatter is a weapon manufacturing company that makes guns that are unusual yet extremely powerful. Most of their weapons have special effects that most other guns do not have, making them unique and even more powerful."
―Official Description

A brief history of Antimatter Edit

2990- Antimatter is founded and makes its first weapon: The Plasma seeker.

3000- Antimatter hires more workers and makes more weapons like the Solar Flare.

3020- Antimatter has started to add special effects to guns that they make, like the Tomb raider's increased drop chance per kill.

3050- Different kinds of weapons are made, each with different buffs.

3104- Antimatter has started to make turrets and vehicles, like the D.E.B. and the T-14 terminator.

Products Edit

Pistols: Plasma seeker, Tomb raider, Hand cannon

Sniper rifles: Solar Flare

Shotguns: Nightmare, Burstfire

Grenade Launchers: Corplosion

Turrets: D.E.B.

Vehicles: T-14 terminator

More coming soon!

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