"The SAS Assassin utilises stealth and deadly precision to eliminate targets with extreme ease."
―Official description
The Assassin is a SAS class in SAS: Zombie Assault 4, having a base health of 1800 and focusing on damage and stealth.

Skills: Edit

Stealth - starting skill (activated) Edit


Zombies can't detect you as easily - Getting double the detection distance away will cause zombies to stop targeting the Assassin.

Initial stat(s): lasts 3 sec; zombies must be within 6m to detect Assassin

Added per grade: +0.2 sec; reduces detection range by 0.2m

Max stat(s): lasts 7.8 sec; zombies must be within 1.2m to detect Assassin

Supercrit Edit


Supercrit chance for all weapons - x9 crit damage

Initial stat(s): +1% Supercrit chance on crit

Added per grade: 0.4% Supercrit chance on crit

Max stat(s): +10.6% Supercrit chance on crit

Evasion Edit


Enables Assassin to dodge attacks - Dodged attacks deal no damage.

Initial stat(s): 2% dodge chance

Added per grade: 1.75% dodge chance

Max stat(s): 44% dodge chance

Decoy (activated) Edit


Deploys false SAS that distracts zombies

Initial stat(s): lasts 2 sec max; 2m distraction range; 3000 hp

Added per grade: +0.3 sec max; 0.3m distraction range; 1125 hp

Max stat(s): lasts 9.2 sec; 9.2m distraction range; 30000 hp

Rangefinder Edit


Increases gun range - Gun spread is reduced to the point that the resulting spread is the same as the spread at the original max distance.

Initial stat(s): increases range by 10%

Added per grade: +3.75%

Max stat(s): +100%

Initial blast Edit

Initial Blast

Increases damage at closer range - Damage fades by 15% (additionally) per meter traveled by projectile. The Rangefinder skill will "stretch" the damage fade rate (by up to 100%).

Initial stat(s): +6% damage at point-blank range

Added per grade: 2.25% damage

Max stat(s): +60% damage at point-blank range

Enhanced Targeting - level 20 skill - (activated) Edit

Enhanced Targeting

100% Crit

Initial stat(s): lasts 3 sec

Added per grade: 0.3 sec

Max stat(s): 10.2 sec

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