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LOL. Does not reveal map.

"IRS has been attacked. Save the researchers, and get out of there."

~Text when you start the mission.

Objectives and Items to note Edit

Your gear will be taken away and you get a full II Infinity Armor Set, a Rotary Autocannon, and a Plasmatic Fusion. Your sidearm will stay.

You start at the spaceship gate, where you will proceed to the main computer room, where three researchers hide in a corner. You are supposed to protect and escort the researchers to the spaceship gate, where you will find multiple bosses preventing you form escorting the researchers. Kill them all, and move the researchers to the spaceship. You have ten seconds to collect loot and board the ship. At least one player must be on the spaceship when it takes off.

Aftermath Edit

After the mission, your weapons will be returned to you. You will get a free DMT, courtesy of Infinity Industries.

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