Augments are modifiers you can apply to weapons, armor, and other equipment.

Ranged Weapon AugmentsEdit

Bouncy ShotsEdit

  • If the bullets miss a zombie, they bounce back for a few meters before hitting the ground.
  • +1.5 meters of bouncing per level.


  • The bullets will have a chance to stun a zombie for 0.65 seconds.
  • 2.5% chance for a zombie to suffer concussion every level.


  • Only availabe for rocket launchers, except Gebirgskanone. The projectiles will home in on the nearest zombie.
  • +10% turning speed for rockets. They will also get a 100 Px detection range and will home in on zombies within the area.

Extended Edit

  • Extends the duration of DoT or attachments' skill or effect
  • +10% duration/level

Full Auto Edit

  • Makes the weapon full auto. More augs make it work like overclocked.

Narrowed Barrel Edit

  • decreases spread by 5% per augment level.

Selective Fire (semi-auto/burst-fire) Edit

  • 4 Aug levels max
  • each level adds a round to "burst", at level 1, 2 round, level 2, 3 round, and level 3 4 round burst.
  • at level 4, it becomes full-auto
  • delay between bursts are same as fire rate of the weapon
  • if weapon is already burst fire, it would simply become full-auto for 1st aug

Heavy Shells Edit

Heavy Shells is an augment for any weapon that uses shell-based projectiles.

  • +17.5% Damage and piercing per level.
  • -5% ROF per level.

Piercing isn't applied to explosions, only to the projectile itself.

Melee Weapon AugmentsEdit

Flesh RipperEdit

  • Rips flesh from the bodies of zombies, making them bleed. 
  • +2 seconds of bleeding per level.


  • Increases pierce of melee weapon.
  • (Same as Piercing for ranged weapons)


  • Increases Critical hit rate.
  • (Same as pinpoint for ranged weapons)

Lengthened Edit

  • Increases reach of melee +5% per level

Weighted Edit

  • +5% Damage per level.
  • -2.5% Swing speed per level.

Armor AugmentsEdit

Last ResortEdit

  • Boosts defense of affected armor piece when at 5% health or lower.
  • +5% Defense per level.

Energy Resistant Edit

  • Gives energy Protection.

Concussive (Vest/Pants) Edit

  • +4% chance, +0.2 sec duration of concussion on hit per level

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