"Sir, theres to many of them!" "Hold the line" "AAAAAHHHHH" "Medic!" "Oh dear God!" "Im out of Ammo!" "We cant hold much longer!" -Radio communications intercepted by Xenon warriors. "Mr. Johnson, shall we send Thunder Squadron?" "Yes, tell them kill all enemies with most prejudice."

Between a rock and a very,very hard place is the second mission telling the tale of the Xenon elite members of Thunder Squad. In this mission, they have to hold the line against a huge number of zombies and oddly enough, HVM mercs. They are accompanied by Terran Marines and XSC soldiers. This mission is a lot like last stand and ice station.

You play as Slick, the leader of Thunder Squadron. There are only two phases in this mission:

  1. Kill every zombie and the boss
  2. Kill all the Hvm mercs.

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