• Robbie Expired
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  • Robbie Expired

    I am finally back. Knowing my lazy ways, i will most likely become inactive again soon enough.

    I'm gonna try to make an image for a conception with, and see if i retained my skills.

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Noticed quite some overusage of PMG in the sharing page. Sure PMG is easy to use and access, making it a nice starting point for starters. However, starters make something, it doesn't always come out that good.

    So I ask everyone to NOT use the page as a sorta "image dump" cuz you have no idea where to use it. I'll wait to see it clean by the uploaders themselves, but if the place is still messy after awhile I should put some restrictions like "The image should be used in at least one complete conception"

    Honestly, just calling up a preset and changing just colors/few parts/add accessories don't make a good conception image. Also some weapons look way too generic to be considered "good".

    Suggestions on the cleaning method would be appreciated

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  • Ghostwolf18

    This opness policy

    February 11, 2016 by Ghostwolf18

    I think this whole opness policy is bull shit. This is another form of what I have come to believe is Apple being a tyrant. I say we call off this thing and return to the fundamentals Doue laid down for this wiki when he began it. People come here to make conceptions and have fun doing it. How can it be fun if we throw a bunch of restrictions on them. We need to return this wiki to its former glory by letting our people have fun, not force them to do what Apple thinks they should do. If not, I will see about trying to get this wiki either deleted by wikia or just shut down. Choose your path and choose it wisely.

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  • Helios Ex

    CCI & HFC

    February 9, 2016 by Helios Ex

    I am considering requesting the deletion of Helios Fabrication Co and Curtain Call Industries due to decline in interest in SAS 4 related subjects.

    I am not however entirely certain though since I do enjoy some of the coneptions quite a lot.

    would like your opinions below.

    most enjoyable conceptions from each Company:

    • Sun-spot
    • Avenger
    • Corona
    • Solar Flare

    The other conceptions are pretty generic and boring after these, honestly not worth having there. (not including the Cherubim since I didn't make it)

    • Whisper
    • Death's Waltz
    • Grand Finale

    To be honest, though the Dancing bloom is fun & pretty, it is by far the most boring weapon from Curtain Call Industries.

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  • Zffhatff


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  • GoldenApple NB

    PMG Stuff

    February 2, 2016 by GoldenApple NB

    I've been not using PMG for like few months and I started to use it again...

    And those 5 are what I got

    Should be better than the PMG ones I made long time ago, right?

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  • Bing445

    Electron Stripper Too overpowered. Compared to the other full-auto weapon, which is the CM Gigavolt, the Electron Stripper outclasses it. 6,000 straight up DpS ((150 damage + 50 DoT)*30 RpS = 6,000). No augments, no pierce included. The CM Gigavolt is only capable of 1,000 DpS.

    Arguably the most powerful standard weapon, not counting premiums, is the Hornet. 800 base damage coupled with 5 RpS gives its 4,000 DpS. The Electron Stripper outclasses the Hornet too! With the same drop level as the Hornet as well. If the Electron Stripper arcs to two targets, then the damage would be 12,000 DpS. That right there outclasses even the Hornet, which has a base DpS of 9,250. If the Electron Stripper arcs to its maximum pierce of three, the DpS will …

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  • 66mazda

    Some users have said that Golden Apple NB (GANB) has been on a nerfing spree, nerfing conceptions to a certain DPS and/or below, yet, GANB does not nerf his at all. I hope this is not true. This wiki is falling apart.

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  • HenryStickminFan1337


    December 5, 2015 by HenryStickminFan1337

    Shotlite weapon is named: Liberator after 66mazda said. There's only Normal,RED,BLACK,CYAN versions here.


    Rate of Fire: 6

    Damage: 1,265/2,200/3,000/2,650

    Autofire: Yes

    Weapon Type: Thermal,Energy

    Movement: -8.5

    Ammo cost: 2,500/3,678/5,999/4,050

    10k Ammo cost: 29,020/40,567/70,360/53,531

    HighDamage Ammo cost: 5,000/7,356/11,998/8,100

    10k HighDamage Ammo cost: 58,040/81,134/140,720/107,062

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  • Robbie Expired


    November 24, 2015 by Robbie Expired

    This wiki officially has more than 1000 pages! Congrats everybody for making it this far.

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  • Doue

    1,000 Pages!

    November 24, 2015 by Doue

    Happy 1,000 pages!

    That is all.

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  • Robbie Expired


    November 19, 2015 by Robbie Expired

    I am hiring people for the CNTF.

    Whoever applies, it is your job to search through articles and edit the not-so-neat ones.

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  • InfinityX6


    November 12, 2015 by InfinityX6

    Ok, I saw someone recently editing some pages that I made. Don't edit the page unless it is to help me move images; edit spelling, grammatical errors or adding the delete infobox because the item in question is too OP or something

    Just info. You don't need to reply.

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  • Robbie Expired

    Well, here i am

    November 4, 2015 by Robbie Expired

    I'm on the conception wiki.

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  • InfinityX6

    GIMP....... sucks

    November 1, 2015 by InfinityX6

    Look at these pics.

    This gun is in

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Revised Policies

    October 26, 2015 by GoldenApple NB

    Please adhere to the new revised Wiki Policy

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Here are some pros and cons comparing the version to the and versions.


    • Damage/DoT is higher than .
    • RoF is higher.
    • Semi-auto becomes Full-auto.
    • Obtainable from normal strongboxes (unlike gear).
    • 30% Adaptive.
    • Higher pierce.
    • Larger Blast Radius.
    • Faster Reload.


    • Higher defense than .
    • Faster movement.
    • CQC.
    • Each armor piece reduces DM ability to ignore armor by 3%.


    • Damage/DoT is lower than .
    • Higher RoF drains clip faster, requiring more reloads.
    • 30% reload cap.
    • Rarer than gear.
    • 8*** max grade out of strongbox.
    • Higher ammo cost.
    • More expensive to augment.


    • Lower defense than .
    • Rarer than .

    So would you say gear is OP, or balanced?

    Here's a poll.

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  • 66mazda

    Any conception ideas?

    October 16, 2015 by 66mazda

    If you want, you can post some ideas for conceptions via comments. If I like it, it will be tuned into an actual conception.

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  • The Atomic Spokesperson

    I got gimp and made the Micronova! woooo! Also my left hand has been burnt (insert skyrunner mourns here.). Well now I can help out with the art shop by photoshopping sas guns together! Yay? feel free to make art requests.

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  • InfinityX6

    Should we make a page for the Heavy Bombs?

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  • 66mazda

    It's time to change the images in the SAS ZA Conception wikia hoome page

    In our home page, you can see a slideshow that displays certain pages and their images. I think it's time that we switched them out for new ones, and repeat that once every month

    Also, lets create a slideshow that displays manufacturers

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  • 66mazda

    Errors (anyone having them?)

    September 18, 2015 by 66mazda

    Lately, for users like me and 9337, this error has been popping up every time we want to edit something

    503: 503 Backend fetch failed

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Backend fetch failed

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 32772326

    Varnish cache server

    ​This means that we won't be able to edit anything on ALL WIKIAS

    Solution: Use classic editor (Click on the arrow next to the red edit button and select classic editor)

    Anyone else having that problem?  

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  • 66mazda

    Questions are here:

    Please comment there

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  • InfinityX6

    Need ideas for weapons

    September 6, 2015 by InfinityX6

    Actually, I just need weapon names.Any kind can do, don't need to have a certain theme. If there's a military feel about the name, that's better.

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  • Whyareyoureadingthis

    I got blocked for 1 month on the other sas wiki so im typing this here.

    I made/did those things on the wiki because i was angry about going camping ( i HATE camping with a burning passion)

    The DERP page (I THINK i dont know if he removed it) was something that SS7S removed.

    I got blocked til (I think it was 3104 i didnt check.) 3104 by ghostwolf due to posting something on his wall. (not on the sas wiki)

    sorry for all of those flamewars (augster, you are in this) i caused over there, again i was angry about going camping.

    another thing too, I knew i who run into a girl i had problems with in the camp site. So i decided to do all of that stuff on the wiki.

    Im srry for all of that crap.

    Your-umm...-not-friend (augster's saying) whyareyoureadingthis …

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  • 66mazda

    Lately, I have read this blog:,_And_Custom_Class_Contests

    It has a potential event that could be worth the effort for ressurection. Competitions

    I've heard that the previous competition was Custom Classes

    I think it's time to expand the competitions to other topics

    Competitions encourage innovation and effort from users, in a fun way. This wiki could use some effort, energy, and enthusiam

    What's your opinion? Should we hold competitions again?

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  • InfinityX6

    What's Nantonium

    August 26, 2015 by InfinityX6

    I think nantonium is something that is used for armour purpose. Strongboxes are used to protect gear. So the best gear should be in the best boxes.

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  • The Augster at NK

    Does that mean you're automatically blocked here, or do you get a second chance here?

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Even if no one posts, at least I'll get 10 points for making a blog post, even though points on this site do absolutely NOTHING to improve my life. :P

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  • 66mazda

    Any historic blade is fine. I'll do more research on the blades you mention.

    You know how my company designs their melee weapons.

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  • 66mazda

    Our espionage shows that the commander of of HVM's mercenaries are planning to sabatoge the manufacturing facalities of many companies via undercover mercs disguising as innocent factory workers. We need help to seperate the innocent from the guilty, and interrogate the guilty.

    My plan to curb those dirty tactics is to form a group of manufacturers, who will share ideas with each other, and help each other in attacking and defending. If you want your manufacturer to be part of it, please contact me. All members will have to think up of a gift to give to the other members.


    1. The HVM High Tech Division is NOT part of the regular division. No worries about that subsidary.

    2. Oh, I'm willing to trade

    3. The group will be a category

    4. It wil…

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  • InfinityX6


    August 15, 2015 by InfinityX6

    Can someone help me create a pic for my company? Infinity Industries. I don,t really know how to put a link to it.

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  • Bing445

    A year

    August 13, 2015 by Bing445

    It have been a year since this Wiki was created.

    Many people enter and leave this Wiki as time goes by. But their ideas to shape the SAS 4's future still remain here.

    Over 500 pages were created within this year.

    I would like to welcome and thank everyone for participating on this Wiki. Especially now. Due to Ghostwolf18's wish for a more active Wiki, it had been achieved. New users, I thank you for join our community. Your ideas could use some tweaking, but otherwise, they're excellent and creative.

    I may expand this blog, or I may not.

    You might be reading this, or this blog exist without much purpose.

    It all depends on your point of view and your mind.

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  • Bing445

    Art shop

    July 27, 2015 by Bing445

    Alright, I'll draw some weapons, armors, whatever for you. Be descriptive or a rough sketch for me to base it off.

    Example: Raketenrüstung

    "It looks like a combination of The Tesla Shock, Heavy Trooper Vest and Ronson Vest." That's enough information.

    Things to keep in mind

    • I will NOT color, just shading.
    • No inappropriate requests.

    • She'll do requests for people, who wants colors.
    • N/A

    [I'll improve this blog sooner or later]

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  • Helios Ex

    uh, I need armor stuff

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  • Ghostwolf18


    July 6, 2015 by Ghostwolf18

    I was gone for awhile, but now I'm back It may be cool, so don't have a heart attack Cause I'm back Ghostwolf the admin, Came right back i-in And made a short song Cause it didn't have to be long, About me coming back

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  • TameFroggy

    Teknoboom Ideas?

    June 22, 2015 by TameFroggy

    If you have any ideas, please share them with me!

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  • Tinachou28


    May 20, 2015 by Tinachou28

    omg played with rohan in nightmare

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  • Tinachou28


    May 17, 2015 by Tinachou28

    Don't you think nanoes are so troll? Like I once got a 10** [RED] trooper helmet from a steel and a 7** CM Babycom or something in a nano. And more random useless stuff. Thuliums are better.

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  • WhackAnImp

    SAS demanding stuff

    April 22, 2015 by WhackAnImp

    This wiki really has to have a good point. I suggest we should ask NK or its producers to pay attention to this wiki so they can get ideas from us. And then we can properly say we have contributed to the game

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  • The Atomic Spokesperson

    5 thuliums today! WOW! I got this stuff on my level 40

    9*** gebirgskannone

    6** Titan MEM trooper

    4* Jagdfast

    and some other crap that I sold

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  • GoldenApple NB

    I'm outta here

    April 19, 2015 by GoldenApple NB

    I don't really see the point of this wiki when I can have everything in my subpages of my profile page in sas wiki

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  • LeotheFox

    Pics to be stolen

    January 14, 2015 by LeotheFox

    Tthese are pics that I make and I don't use so you can use them but tell me when you're gonna use one 'cause then I'll know when to put a pic in the used pics section.

    None so far.

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  • Ghostwolf18

    Possible HIK weapon(s)

    January 7, 2015 by Ghostwolf18

    HIK is known for hard hitting weapons! So voila! The HIK Thundershot! 1000 damage Assault rifle 65 capacity 10 rps Physical damage Pierce 4 History: In 3020, the owner of HIK was being chased down by the SAS forces. They demanded an assault rifle! He obliged and made the Thundershot! It was a complete hooah! Then several people were murdered with it. So only the military got to use it. If you get our hands on one, don't say no! It will kill anything! If yall like what you see, I'll make more. Just leave a comment about it. Ghostwolf18 (talk)Ghostwolf18~

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  • GoldenApple NB


    December 30, 2014 by GoldenApple NB

    would be nice to set standards for categories on pages


    • Weapon
    • Damage type (can be more than one)
    • [manufacturer] Products (can be multiple)
    • [manufacturer] Weapons (can be multiple)
    • Weapon type (please, no "special weapon")
    • weapon set (if any)

    Here it is. I've been doing it like this, and adding cateegories help your conception show up on other conceptions' "related pages", so if you want it noticed, then you better add categories.

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  • Erendian

    As we can all tell pretty easily, this wiki has about six people who actually contribute concepts. And while I personally like the fact that I can easily keep up to date on what's going on, I also want this wiki to shine as best it can. Which means we need more editors. With that in mind, we come to my next point. Contests.

    When enough people come together on a wiki based on player concepts like this one, it's common for contests to be held, where participants create as good a concept as they can based around a central theme. On the League Of Legends wiki, there used to be a contest held every month with about a dozen entries per contest. And while that doesn't sound like a lot, that wiki also isn't supposed to be for fan ideas like this on…

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  • Forgotten Madness
    • OK, First, Why didn't I make these pages? Well I'l using my tablet, Not my PC. It's just hard when you're forced away from your PC when all you want is to go on the wiki.


    "Designed by John T. Thompson, This is a weapon to be debated about. It's special ammunition, Dark Matter Ammunition, Is expensive. It carries a 100 round drum magazine, Uses .50 DMA (Dark Matter Ammunition), And shoots fast. It is not to be underestimated."



    Damage: 270, 540 [RED]                                                                                                                                                                                 Weapon Class: Sub-machinegun                                                   …

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  • Forgotten Madness

    So all I saw was the HVM 010. Why no HVM 003, 006 and 009? So here are my ideas:

    "Fully-automatic shotgun. When the need for something full-auto and not an SMG/Assault Rifle, This was the result. Although critisised for it's impractibility, Thanks to it's weight, It is better than the 004 in terms of fire rate and damage per second. Although made illegal on some planets due to it's Thermal ammunition.


    Damage: 105 per flechette, 205 per flechette [RED]

    Rate of Fire: 11 RPS,

    Capacity: 14, 28 [RED]

    Movement:  -16.67% (-1/6 of your Normal speed)

    Pierce: 2.0, 4.0 [RED]

    Number of Flechettes: 10, 15 [RED]

    Ammo: $160 for 100 rounds, $1600 for 200 rounds

    Damage Type: Thermal

    Damage over Time: 325 per sec, Lasts 3 secs, 650 per sec, Lasts 5.5 secs…

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Making a Shotlite Knife

    September 12, 2014 by GoldenApple NB

    need names...

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