It's a chainsaw with bullets mixed in with blades. Basically a bullet-flinging death machine.

Weapon Conception
- Bulletsaw -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 400 bullet & saw
Pierce 2 bullet infinite saw
Projectiles / shot [?] 1
Rate of Fire 8 rps bullet 12 rps saw
Capacity 600 gas for saw, 30 bullets for gun
Reload Time 6 sec saw, 2.2 sec gun.
Movement -12%
Firing Mode Full Auto
Weapon Class Melee
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 60
Ammo Cost Ammo: Sniper Rifle Ammo

Gas: 600 for 612$ Super Unleaded(98 RON HDA gas):600 for 1024$

Ammo Used [?] Ammo: Sniper Rifle Ammo

91 RON Gas (HDA 98 RON Gas)

Additional Stats
Also comes in Blood Red. Recommended as you don't want to get this bloodstained, do you?

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