The burst armor is a full set of armor with a built-in Fire Burst (it stacks with applied Fire Burst).

It's a considerably rare set.

Physical protectionEdit

Total: 650

Helmet: 125

Body: 175

Gloves: 100

Leggings: 150

Boots: 100

Fire protectionEdit

Total: 1275

Helmet: 250

Body: 300

Gloves: 225

Leggings: 275

Boots: 225

Toxic protectionEdit

Total: 325

Helmet: 50

Body: 100

Gloves: 50

Leggings: 100

Boots: 25

Health modifierEdit

Total: 0

Helmet: 0

Body: 0

Gloves: 0

Leggings: 0

Boots: 0

Movement modifierEdit

Total: 20%

Helmet: 0

Body: 0

Gloves: 0

Leggings: 10%

Boots: 10%

Fire BurstEdit

Total: 3 meters

Helmet: 0.5 meters

Body: 1 meters

Gloves: 0.25 meters

Leggings: 1 meters

Boots: 0.25 meters

Full set bonusEdit

If you have the full set you become immune to other peoples Fire bursts, your own bursts becomes 50% larger.

Red variationEdit

The only thing changed with the red variations is a VASTLY more powerful fire burst.

Red Fire BurstEdit

Total: 5.5 meters

Helmet: 1 meters

Body: 1.5 meters

Gloves: 0.75 meters

Leggings: 1.5 meters

Boots: 0.75 meters

Each piece also gives a 0.1 meter bonus for existing piece with fire-burst. (with all 5 pieces this results in a 2.5 bonus!)

This means with all 5 pieces the total will be raised to 8 meters, with the addition of the full set bonus it becomes 12 meters!

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