Weapon Conception
- Buzzsaw -
no image
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 25.4mm thick
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 250
500 RED Version
Pierce 4
Rate of Fire 20 RPS
Capacity 500
Reload Time ???
Movement -45%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class LMG
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Single DPS [?] 5000
10000 RED Version
Ammo Used [?] Standard LMG Ammo
"The Buzzsaw is a World War 2-era Nazi Germany Heavy Machine Gun. Smokestack revised it as part of their 20th Century restoration Program. You have an extremely high magazine, Which is belt fed. Used mainly for holding areas."
―Official Description

History, Journal from former Smokestack CEO Jadye DieterEdit

November 13, 3003

Well, Looks like we're at another program again. I'm glad we chose the 20th Century weapons. I really loved those, Especially those from Germany. But the reason they lost is because of lack of supplies and Hitler's death. Good thing the Axis lost, Otherwise we'd be speaking German right now.

November 15, 3003

Interesting....the Maschinengewehr 42. As it's name states, It was made in 1942. Produced from then until the end of the Second World War, Which was 1945. Spiritual visits from my now-deceased husband prevents me from actually going to Earth and learning more about the MG 42.

November 16, 3003

Well, Here I am. Back on Earth, Visiting a 20th Century Museum. At least us, Smokestack, Were allowed to take an MG 42 so we could replicate it. Not much happening though. Just recording this.

December 21, 3003

Took us a long time, But we got it. An exact replica of Nazi Germany's 1942 MG 42. Looks like all we need to do now is make it both cost and power effective. Luckily our Lead Replicator, Reverse Engineer and Weapon Improvements Suggester Dimitri Kuznetsov is going on about it right now.

December 22, 3003

Well that was faster than expected. Dimitri cleared out the mechanical problems of the weapon in a day. Right now it's 12:07 AM. Why am I awake? Oh yeah, he called me that the work was done. Well, time to get to work. Like I did 108 years ago. It's been my routine for that long.

December 24, 3003

The original belt had only 250 rounds, but Dimitri just can't help making improvements. That 250 round belt will get used up fast if fired continously. So he doubled it. 500 round belt. Yep. He was also able to fit the 25.4 mm rounds in it, Which is twice as much as 12.7 mm. So the gun is firing 1 inch bullets. Though he couldn't do anything about the weight. Also it's Christmas tomorrow.


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