Weapon Conception
- C-14 Impaler -

C-14 Impaler


Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 12.7mm in thickness
Ammunition Material NeoSteel-tipped titanium
Muzzle Velocity 2400 m/s
Weight 24kg (unloaded)
28kg (loaded)
Accessories top railing, lower 2nd hand holder, stubby stock, and bayonet blade holder below barrel
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 120 WHITE Version
420 RED Version
666 BLACK Version
840 Prem
Pierce 3, 4 RED Version, 5 Prem
Rate of Fire 30 RPS
Capacity 60
80 RED Version
90 BLACK Version
Reload Time 2 sec, 1.8 sec Prem
Movement -32%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 24 WHITE Version
100 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Cost - $80 for 200 Rounds
$320 for 200 Elemental Rounds (100, 200 RED Version, 300 BLACK Version DoT of damage type)
- $320 for 200 Explosive Rounds (-20% dmg, 3X pierce, 1m blast radius)
- $320 for 200 Penetration Rounds (1.5X pierce)
- $320 for 200 Gauss Rounds (+50% RPS)
- $480 for 200 High Damage Rounds (+25% dmg)
- $960 for 200 .50 Koprulu Rounds (+25% dmg(multiplies like HD ammo does), +10 RPS, +1 pierce)
Single DPS [?] 3600 WHITE Version
12600 RED Version
19980 BLACK Version
25200 Prem
Ammo Used [?] Standard Assault Rifle Ammo, .50 Koprulu
"High powered rifle capable of firing .50 cal bullets at 1800 RPM to devastate anything that comes close enough"
―Official Description

C-14 aka Impaler is a late-game Assault Rifle made by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is comparable with .50 Koprulu caliber, but it generally uses .50 rounds in 60-round mag. It is the most common weapon among KMS weapons.


C-14 have been made by cooperation of the best inventors and engineers from KMS. It had been classified by Terran Confederacy from the very beginning of the development. It was started to be manufactured by 2478, and there had been many variants. This version of C-14 had been modified on 2964, making it very recent weapon. After that, people have been just inventing different types ammo. Why you need to even try when it's best of the best?


  • 2319 - Early conception classified by Terran Confederacy
  • 2392 - Project started
  • 2478 - Started manufacturing for military-only use
  • 2489 - Becomes standard-issue weapon for Terran Confederacy
  • 2497 - Semi-auto modification made to fix ammo and recoil problems
  • 2498 - Semi-auto version started to be sold to militia and mercenaries
  • 2498 - Started to be sold to Aartis sector and Sara system
  • 2503 - Terran Dominion takes over Terran Confederacy, C-14 goes out of service
  • 2504 - Alien threat forces resume of manufacturing C-14
  • 2512 - Capacitor-assisted burst-firing version invented and adapted
  • 2787 - Applied rail-gun technology for increased firepower
  • 2823 - CMC-300 becomes standard issue, full-auto C-14 becomes standard
  • 2954 - Full-auto and burst-fire variants open to militia and mercs
  • 2963 - 60-round mag replaces old 30-round mag
  • 2964 - Increased fire rate and power to fit CMC-300 Mk3 and CMC-500 K12


C-14 uses regular .50 caliber rounds, but there's more than just that; It uses "Rail Gun" technology to assist in bullets to speed up, resulting in devastating impact and pierce. Also, the bullet being able to exit the barrel faster enables the next bullet to be loaded much earlier, letting it have fastest rps of all assault rifles. However, to prevent overheating, it is made of mixture of neosteel and compressed carbon fiber, making it very heavy for use. Its recoil is also a huge problem, being strong enough to knock down an adult easily if he does not know its power. However, if used with any kind of power suit, it will does its job pretty darn good.