Weapon Conception
- C-150 Ronin -
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions .50 inch in thickness
Ammunition Material neosteel-topped titanium alloy
Muzzle Velocity 520 m/s
Weight 3 kg (loaded)
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 120 WHITE Version
420 RED Version
666 BLACK Version
840 Prem
Pierce 3, 4 BLACK Version
Rate of Fire 10 RPS, 12 RPS RED Version
Capacity 20, 40 Prem
Reload Time 2.1 sec, 1.8 sec Prem
Movement -2%
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Pistol
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 8 WHITE Version
45 RED Version&BLACK Version
"An modified version of classical 21st century variant Desert Eagle .50. However, the modifications increased power, accuracy, and capacity."
―Official Description
"SmokeStack? Those are way too old looking. Now THIS is what I like to collect"
―A Collector

C-150 aka "Ronin" is a .50 pistol made by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is modified Desert Eagle .50

Triva Edit

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