Weapon Conception
- C-7 Stinger Gauss Pistol -
StingerLightweight for sure
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 120 WHITE Version
400 RED Version
600 BLACK Version
900 Prem
Pierce 1, 2 BLACK Version
Rate of Fire 10 RPS, 12 RPS Prem
Capacity 25, 50 RED Version, 80 BLACK Version
Reload Time 1.6 sec
Movement +2%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Pistol
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 8 WHITE Version
55 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Cost Standard Pistol Ammo
Single DPS [?] 1200 WHITE Version
4000 RED Version
6000 BLACK Version
9000 Prem
Pierce DPS [?] 1200
3000 RED Version
12000 BLACK Version
21600 Prem
Additional Stats
- +20% Melee Damage
- +100% Meleeing Speed (half Melee Time)
- Can be Duel-Wielded without prestiege skill
- 50% Tighter Spread on duel wield compared to default
- Removes reload speed penalty when duel wielded
- Movement stacks on duel wield
"Outta ammo? Pull out two of these babies and start sprayin'"
―Assault Class
"A rail-gun assisted pistol designed for duel-wielding, being simple, decent sidearm. Perfect for backup"
―Official Description

C-7 Gauss Pistol AKA Stinger is an pistol manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply.

History Edit

C-7, or simply stinger, was invented around the same time as C-14 Gauss Rifle did. It was originally intended to be heavy-duty backup pistol like Z50. However, they realized the problem with heavy gear, adding up armor's original weight and C-14, it was already enough. Therefore, Stinger was re-invented into lightweight, backup assault weapon. Reduced weight is also present on mags, which is simply skeletonized and loaded up with standard pistol ammo. Recent improvements such as of 3084, it is much biologically fit and can be duel-wielded easily.

Overview Edit

Stinger is a very solid and decent sidearm, appearing around CM 205 does, for quick escapes but still providing excellent firepower, exceeding even CM 205. It is most suitable for quickly killing weak zombies and escaping dangerous zones. However, its lack of firepower, as expected from a pistol, makes it not ideal for MLGing. Still, it is superb pistol as it gives movement buff as well as excellent firepower and melee buff.

Timeline Edit

  • 2348 - Early conception created, as "heavy" model
  • 2353 - Model modified to be lightweight and mobile
  • 2463 - Project started
  • 2478 - Began manufacturing for military, militia, and mercs
  • 2379 - Semi-auto variant created
  • 2498 - Restricts use of full-auto variant outside of military
  • 2503 - Terran Dominion opens weapon to public purchase
  • 2787 - Military variant applies rail-gun technology to increase power
  • 2954 - All variants opened to public
  • 2963 - Mag size increased from 15 to 25
  • 2964 - Added bayonet, adjustable pull-stock, and laser sight for better performance

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