- CMC-200 -
Base Stats
Physical Def. 700, 2600 BLACK Version, 3900 Prem
Thermal Def. 280, 1340 BLACK Version, 2010 Prem
Chemical Def. 1200, 4100 BLACK Version, 6150 Prem
Energy Def. 1000, 3500 BLACK Version, 5250 Prem
Move Speed +10%, +15% BLACK Version, +22.5% Prem
Additional Stats
- Half movement reduction from weapons and attachments
- Quarter movement penalty Prem
"Oversized neosteel plating with hydrogen cell powered pistons allow for enhance in movement and power while providing perfect protection"
―Official Description

CMC-200 is an full-suit armor manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is an standard-issue combat armor for most marines of Koprulu sector.


CMC-200, the first product of actual CMC armor series to reach further than Koprulu sector, is an Neosteel-plated armor with integrated power suit powered by 2 3kg cans of fairly pure hydrogen. Its hydrogen power cells can last total of at least a week without an problems if not overused. The armor plating had been specialized for Chemical and Energy defense as Koprulu sector's humans have faced many conflicts with neighboring 2 alien species. However, its physical resistance is quite high due to its use for against humans too, but it'll just simply melt down on extreme heat. This armor does not have RED Version version, but its upgraded version is CMC-300. Also, it has maximum augment slot of 6 and any armor augment can go to the slots.