- CMC-300 -
Base Stats
Physical Def. 1300, 4400 BLACK Version, 6600 Prem
Thermal Def. 1050, 3650 BLACK Version, 5475 Prem
Chemical Def. 2000, 6500 BLACK Version, 9750 Prem
Energy Def. 1850, 6050 BLACK Version, 9075 Prem
Move Speed +20%, +30% BLACK Version, +45% Prem
Additional Stats
- Half movement penalty from weapons
- Quarter movement penalty from weapons Prem
"An simply upgraded version of CMC-200. Many changes in designs have increased chance of enemies missing the attack and reinforced thermal plating increasing thermal resistance. The power-suit still runs on hydrogen battery, but uses it for fusion core"
―Official Description

CMC-300 is an upgraded version of CMC-200 made by Koprulu Marine Supply. It is an full-power-suit that appears near the end of the game.


The CMC-200 had been modified by the Umojan government to face an possible assault of Terran Dominon. Because it had been not manufactured by the time Aartis government started trade with KMS, making this armor very recent to Aartis soldiers and very rare. It is simply just "better" than CMC-200. With decent augments, it is very solid armor for even end-game. The machine and jet-assisted movement lets it have very high movement while still providing perfect defenses for even end-game. Its plasma-supported armor system enhances the defenses of critical parts of the armor(ex: face plate, joints, back, etc...). Just like CMC-200, you cannot equip another armor piece with this armor on, and there's maximum of 6 augment slots. This armor does not have [RED] version.