- CMC-500 K12 -
CMC-500 K12
Base Stats
Physical Def. 2100 WHITE Version, 3000, 4000 RED Version
12000 BLACK Version, 18000 Prem
Thermal Def. 2000 WHITE Version, 2900, 3800 RED Version
11400 BLACK Version, 17100 Prem
Chemical Def. 2300 WHITE Version, 3200, 4400 RED Version
9600 BLACK Version, 14400 Prem
Energy Def. 2200 WHITE Version, 3100, 4200 RED Version
12600 BLACK Version, 18900 Prem
Energy Regen -1/sec
Reload Speed -20%
Gun Damage +10%, +15% Prem
Crit Chance -20%
Additional Stats
- Ignores 80% of movement penalty from weapons and attachments
- Ignores 90% movement penalty Prem
"CMC-500 consists of 5 layers of neosteel in which every layer is equivalent strength of a 22nd century tank armor"
―Official Description

CMC-500 K12 is an full-suit armor piece manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. Unlike many KMS armors, its stats are flattened out amongst types, but still weak on Thermal and Strong on Chemical and Energy.

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