The Critical Mass 441, aka Antares, is a very powerful Assault Rifle made by 4436. It does Shock damage (not energy).


Weapon class: Assault Rifle.

Firing Mode: Semi auto.

Direct shot damage: 700, 1900 RED Version.

Riccochet damage: 725, 1960 RED Version.

Movement penalty: -45%.

Spread: Perfect spread in a 150 degree angle.

Bullets per shot: 10.

Clip size: 1.

Fire rate: 1 RpS.

Reload speed: 13 seconds.

Piercing: 3, 4 RED Version.

Ammo cost: $300 for 50 rounds, $1200 for 50 high damage rounds. RED Version ammo costs 1000% of normal ammo.

Appears: Normal appears between levels 27 and 60. RED Version appears at levels 62+.

LeotheFox (Talk | Edits) 15:02, January 17, 2015 (UTC)

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