CM 502R

A rendition of the 502-R, with its projectile above.

"Critical Mass and Rancor came together to create this monstrous weapon. Less of a rifle and more of an autocannon, the 502-R can shatter zombies with little effort. The massive blade at the front can also prove useful while busy reloading."

The CM 502-R is a powerful hybrid light machine gun/melee weapon created as a joint project between Critical Mass and Rancor. A beast that can throw .90 calibre rounds with enough force to tear a zombie in two, the 502-R is a devastating damage dealer. It is unfortunately inaccurate due to the enormous recoil, but the sheer power of the round allows for some forgiveness.

The 502-R also has a melee mechanic, which will not go unused as the 502-R has a terrible clip size for a light machine gun. Players will do 125 hit points of damage to zombies that attack them frontally as a passive ability, and can swing the gun forwards as a melee attack with the right mouse button. The attack is identical in nature to that of the Combat Knife of the assault class.

Statistics Edit

  • 550 damage per shot, increases to 1200 in the [RED] variant. Pierces up to seven zombies.
  • Shots deviate up to ten degrees from the aim circle.
  • Seven rounds per second. 70 round clip.
  • Four second reload time.
  • 900 melee damage per strike, increases to 2000 in the [RED] variant. Two second cool-down. 1 metre range, hits a sixty degree arc in front of the player.
  • Passively damages zombies that attack the player in a ninety degree frontal arc.
  • -40.0% movement penalty.
  • Standard variants begin dropping at Rank 85. [RED] variants available from Promethium boxes or higher for maximum level players.

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