"Critical Mass' answer to the demands of a flamethrower. Creates vicious arcs of electricity in a short range, turning anything in front of the user into a blackened husk."
―Official Description

The CM 604 is a "flamethrower" that begins appearing at Rank 55. [RED] versions only appear for maximum level characters. Seemingly violating the entire premise of a flamethrower, the CM 604 does Electric damage. Despite this, it still has much of the attributes of a flamethrower and acts very similar in play style to one.

CM-604 Attack Area

The range of fire of the CM 604.

Holding the fire button will create a crackling of energy out of the front of the weapon, but will not appear to hit anything if no zombies are near. If a zombie is in the weapon's cone of fire (shown to the right), arcs of electricity will jump to them and then chain to additional zombies. Electric chains can hit outside of the cone of fire.

Although burdened with a high movement penalty in addition to its poor trigger range and only average capacity, the CM 604 is capable of absolutely terrifying damage to crowds with its incredible damage, rate of fire, and ability to hit anything in its cone of fire. The absolute final solution if a crowd needs to be killed and fast.


  • 200 damage per hit. 425 damage for [RED] variant. 100 damage per second to all zombies in half-metre radius of player, 175 per second for [RED] variant.
  • Hits up to ten zombies in cone of fire. Electric chains hit up to four zombies.
  • Fifteen rounds per second. Fully automatic fire.
  • 150 rounds per clip. 4.50 second reload time.
  • 40.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition cost is 240 credits for 100 rounds of ammunition. High Damage ammunition is 960 credits for 100 rounds. [RED] variant multiplies cost by ten.