The CM 665 Betelgeuse is a rocket launcher made by 4436. It shoots huge energy bursts that do massive damage and have a huge blast radius. It looks somewhat like a huge silver Gebirgskanone with a bunch of short barrels in the front.


Weapon class: Rocket Launcher.

Firing mode: Semi auto.

Damage: 3500, 9000 RED Version, 13000 BLACK Version.

Fire rate: 1 rps.

Blast radius: 9m, 9.3m RED Version, 9.7m BLACK Version.

Movement penalty: -100% (if movement mod is already negative, will only decrease to -100%).

Capacity: 5.

Reload speed: 7 seconds.

Pierce: Rocket launchers shouldn't have a limited pierce, that's stupid.

Damage type: Energy.

Approx drop level: 51, 90 RED Version.


  • It is named after a star called Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis), the second shiniest star in the Orion constellation.

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