Weapon Conception
- CM 700 Anti-Gravity -
No image
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 200
640 RED Version
960 BLACK Version
Pierce 3
4 RED Version
Rate of Fire 5 RPS
Capacity 20
22 RED Version
25 BLACK Version
Damage Type Energy
Approx. Drop Level 22
65 RED Version and BLACK Version
Ammo Cost Same as Rancor Hotspot.

The CM 700 Anti-Gravity is a "full auto" laser made by 4436. Why "full auto", you ask? It has a pretty interesting mechanic. When you hold down the trigger, it'll create small spheres that stay in the same place for 5 seconds, they grow to 0.7m wide and then shrink until they disappear. When you release the trigger, all the spheres disappear and shoot a laser in the direction the sphere was "shot". The laser stays for 30 steps (15 frames), but it can only hit each zombie once, and the laser will instantly disappear when it pierces 3 (4 RED Version) zombies. Lasers can also be shot when their spheres disappear before releasing the trigger.

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