The CM 702 Singularity is a disc launcher made by Critical Mass.

the Singularity charges over a short time (by holding down the mouse) then shoots out a giant black disc. the disc moves slowly but sucks in any zombies that it gets near. charging it for longer will result in a bigger disc shot.

the Singularity does no damage by itself - it needs to suck in zombies to do damage. if more than one zombie (or a zombie and another object like a crate) is being sucked in by the disc, it does damage over time to all of the zombies. the disc also bounces off of things and will damage zombies when it bounces.

Stats Edit

  • damages zombies by 110 * (x-1) per second (x is the total number of zombies sucked in) RED version does double damage and BLACK version does triple.
  • disc can bounce up to 3 times and deals 300 damage per bounce. RED version does double damage and BLACK version does triple.
  • disc radius is 0.5m+0.25xm (x is how long the gun is charged in seconds). radius can be increased with enlarged augment.
  • can be charged for up to 2 seconds. maximum charge time can be increased with overclocked augment.
  • disc moves at 5 m/s.
  • holds 8 shots.
  • reloads over 3.5 seconds.
  • movement penalty is -25%.
  • uses regular disc launcher ammo.

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