The CM Megavolt is an SMG made by Critical Mass. It fits as the smallest of the three CM shock weapons.

the Megavolt has less damage per shot than its bigger cousins but is full auto and can arc around like them. it also has a decent capacity allowing for some spamming of fire with the full auto mode, but has a not entirely unnoticable move penalty which may make it a bad choice for some who like to move as fast as they can. its handling is much like an RIA T7 but with a different damage type and it shows up around the same levels as them.

Stats Edit

  • 150 damage. the RED version does double damage. no BLACK version.
  • chains to up to 2 zombies. the RED version chains to 3 zombies.
  • 10% move penalty.
  • 48 rounds per clip.
  • takes 2.2 seconds to reload.
  • fires 8 rounds per second. full auto firing mode.
  • uses energy smg ammo.

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