The CM Starlight Extinction is a laser gun made by 4436.


Weapon class: Laser gun.

Firing mode: Full auto.

Damage: 400, 1600 [RED], 2400 BLACK Version.

Fire rate: 3 rps. Lemme explain why: Everytime it shoots, a laser appears which lasts for 20 steps and deals 20 damage per step (80 [RED], 120 BLACK Version), and as 60 steps is 1 second, it can pretty much shoot an endless beam just like other laser guns.

Movement penalty: -35%.

Piercing: 3.

Damage type: Energy.

Ammo cost: Same as Rancor Hotspot.

Clip size: 20.

Reload speed: 2.3 seconds.

Approx. drop level: 35, 80 RED Version and BLACK Version.


  • Another idea I got by randomly derping around with Pimp my Gun.
  • Anyone noticed I put a SCOPE in the end of the barrel?

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