The CM Teravolt is a rocket launcher made by Critical Mass and is in effect a scaled-up CM Gigavolt.

the Teravolt trades out a lot of attributes of the Gigavolt to get much more damage and chaining ability. instead of the MEP rounds of the Gigavolt, the Teravolt charges a much bigger 47mm artillery shell. the resulting weapon behaves a lot like a hybrid of a T-101 and a Gigavolt combining the huge damage and slow speed of the T-101 and the shocking projectiles of the Gigavolt.

Stats Edit

  • 600 damage. the RED version does double damage and the BLACK version does triple damage.
  • chains to up to 8 zombies. the RED and BLACK versions chain to 10 zombies.
  • 35% move penalty.
  • 16 rounds in the clip.
  • fires bursts of two rounds at 1 round per second. within-burst fire rate is 4 rounds per second.
  • takes 4 seconds to reload.
  • uses energy rocket launcher ammo.

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