CQC Specialist aka Close-Quarters Combat Specialist is a class. He focuses on close-quarters, mainly Shotguns and sometimes Pistols and SMGs. He starts with Z-0, Z-3 Shorty, Z-2 LMP and all Z-A armors, and with 2000 health.

Prestige Edit

Skills Edit

Skill Description Initial Max Growth

Bullet Fingers

Becomes faster in reloading any weapons with short reload time.

Becomes faster in shooting any non-full-auto weapons.

20 energy cost, 20 sec cooldown

+35% for 6 seconds, under 2 seconds +71% for 13.2 seconds, under 4.4 seconds

+1.5% & +0.3 sec, under +0.1 second per level

Brute Handling

All weapons and armors with low movement penalty AFTER counting skeletonized augment have their movement penalty ignored completely.

5% and under 65% and under +2.5% per level
Close Quarters Combat

Bashes nearby enemies with the weapon holding.

10 energy cost, 1 sec cooldown

750 Damage in front 30° with 1m range.

+50 Damage per 1% of gun's movement pnealty

5550 Damage in front 67.5° with 2.2m range.

+290 Damage per 1% of gun's movement penalty

+200 Damage, +1.5°, +0.05m range, +10 extra Damage per level
Last Stand

When health depletes, player becomes invulnerable with damage boost for short time and then dies. Respawn timer still runs while on last stand.

- 120 sec cooldown

5 seconds of after-death with +50% global damage 14.6 seconds of after-death with +170% global damage +0.4 sec, +5% damage per level
Final Blast

Last shot of mag has low chance of stunning and knockbacking enemies.

Bosses have effect reduced down to half (half chance, time, and knockback distance).

8.8% chance to stun for 1 sec and 1m knockback 100% chance to stun for 5.8 sec and 5.8m knockback +3.8% chance, +0.2 sec and m per level

Every zommbie gib adds damage and speed buff.

+2% Damage and RPS, each lasts 3 seconds. Maximum of 10 Gibs +9% Damage and RPS, each lasts 10.2 seconds. Maximum of 34 Gibs +0.3 Damage, RPS, and seconds, +1 Max Gib per level
Storm of Bullets

Calls in a supportive war plane to swiftly swipe area from player to cursor with bullets. Each bullets travels 3m

80 energy cost, 120 sec cooldown

60 Shots, 500 Damage each with pierce of 3. Covers 6m long track. 108 Shots, 1940 Damage each with pierce of 10.2. Covers 10.8m long track +2 Shots, +60 Damage, +0.3 Pierce, +0.2m

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