Weapon Conception
- CTI Hell Raven -
Hell Raven


Statistical Info
Ammunition Material Pure Nuclear Fusion.
Muzzle Velocity Twice as fast as light.
Accessories Canister containing unknown form energy, Modified fire hose nozzle combined with a massively shortened nuclear control rod
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 165
330 RED Version
495 BLACK Version
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 225
450 RED Version
575 BLACK Version
Pierce 2
Rate of Fire 45 RPS
Capacity 600
Reload Time 5 sec
Movement -20%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Laser
Damage Type Thermalico Thermal
Approx. Drop Level 45
100 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Cost 400 for 1000 Rounds, 1600 for 1000 HDA Rounds. Multiply by 10 to get RED Version Ammo cost, and multiply by 12 to get BLACK Version Ammo cost.
Ammo Used [?] Thermal Laser Ammunition
Additional Stats
Creates a 2m nuclear ring around the SAS soldier when firing, ring does combined Thermalico Thermal and Chemicalico Chemical damage.
""Powered by nuclear fusion, this beauty is modeled after a nuclear control rod and is able to reduce anything you point it at into smoldering nothingness. Couple that with the extreme radiation that the gun emits while firing, it is a truly terrifying weapon to wield.""
―Official Description

The CTI Hell Raven is a Fully Automatic Thermalico Thermal Laser developed by ChimeraTech Industries.

Basic Information Edit

The Hell Raven does devastating Damage Per second, making it an Ideal bossing weapon, because it is massively set back by its 1 pierce. The gun also emits radiation in the form of combined Thermalico Thermal and Chemicalico Chemical damage. This radiation damages nearby zombies by 150 per second, 300 if RED Version and 450 if BLACK Version. Note that it also damages the player who is firing it, so it is more suitable for those who have higher defensive statistics. It will heal nearby players though.

Trivia Edit

  • The gun adds a backpack to the SAS Soldier's back, with a long thick nantonium cord extending from it to the back of the gun. That is where the Nuclear Fusion takes place.
  • The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting. Now with The Hell Raven, you can do both!!

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