Crossfire Cannon

Meet the first ever burst Rocket Launcher.

The Kreuzfeuer-Kanone is a Semi-Auto Rocket Launcher made by ChimeraTech Industries .
"Utilizing Thermonuclear Fusion is what makes the Kreuzfeuerkanone the super-powered zombie exterminating weapon it is today. The insanely high temperature of 1.2 billion degrees Centigrade at which the Kreuzfeuerkanone operates is more than enough to melt straight through the toughest hide that those zombies can ever develop."
―Official Description

The Kreuzfeuerkanone is very effective at taking out bosses that have no thermal resistance, so many tend to treat it as a boss killer. The weapon has low base damage, but the DoT is absurdly High. Better get Tenacious, Adaptive, and Enlarged for that thing.


  • Ammo Cost: $800 for 50, $3200 for 50 high-damage rockets. x10 the cost for RED Version Variant.
  • Damage: 100, 200 RED Version Variant.
  • DoT: 1750, 3500 RED Version over 2 seconds.
  • Blast Radius: 2.5
  • Pierce: 30
  • Accuraccy: Near-Perfect
  • Fire Rate: 6 shots per second
  • Reload Speed: 3 seconds
  • Ammo Capacity: 5 Rounds
  • Movement Mod: -45%
  • Firing Mode: Semi-Auto
  • Damage type: Thermal

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