Laevateinn modified

New image. Is now an axe that can spray fire at your targets.

"This heavy, but surely powerful obsidian-bladed axe is made to slowly burn through anything, unaware, too slow, or simply too unlucky to be in your way with a single swing."
―Official Description

The CTI Lævateinn is a melee weapon, being an axe, it takes up a primary slot. Striking a zombie with it will ignite said zombie, inflicting thermal DoT for a few seconds. The user also gains 25% damage resistance (Physical and Thermal) while the weapon is active. Being an axe, it has longer melee range than most weapons, around 1.75m, although it cannot stab.


  • 2500 on strike Thermal Damage, 5000 RED Version, 7500 BLACK Version
  • 2000 on strike Thermal DoT, 4000 RED Version, 6000 BLACK Version
  • .75 swings per second.
  • 75' arc
  • Does not cost energy
  • No Crits, and therfore cannot be augmented with Precise.
  • Infinite Pierce
  • 200 Capacity
  • $120 for 200 rounds
  • Full Auto
  • 25% Movement Penalty
  • Regular Drop at Rank 60, RED Version and BLACK Version at Rank 100.
  • Press G when wielding this weapon. Your character will do something. You will not regret it.
  • If you have no ammunition, This weapon deals Physical damage with no DoT.

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