Acid knife

Such toxic....

"This knife coated in extreme acid tenaciously attacks flesh, living, dead, or undead. This allows you to slice a zombies then leave it to die from corrosion."
―Official Description

The CTI Poison Fang is a Melee weapon, one that takes up the sidearm slot. It has extreme DoT, enough for the user to attack a zombie even once then let the acid do its work. A stab will do only Impact damage, while a slash will inflict DoT.


  • 250 on stab Chemical Damage, 500 [RED], 750 [BLACK]
  • 1000 on slash Chemical DoT, 2000 [RED], 3000 [BLACK]
  • .5 swings per second.
  • 60' arc
  • 1m range
  • Semi Auto
  • no Movement Penalty
  • Regular Drop at Rank 40, [RED] and [BLACK] at Rank 95.

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