Now this, is a nice weapon.

The CTI Scorpion is a Fully automatic sniper Rifle developed by ChimeraTech Industries.
"Oversized and with deadly precision, this toxic sniper rifle is designed for the not for the slow elimination of a single target, but for raining down a bunch of well-placed shots to the head."
―Official Description

A particularly heavy Sniper at -35% movement, It has well-rounded stats that won't disappoint those who crave high power assault rifles, as it has both the traits of an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. What's more, the bullets are coated with dastardly volatile acid that tears away at the flesh, living or undead.


  • Ammo Cost: $160 for a full clip of , $640 for a full high-damage clip. x10 the cost for RED Version Variant.
  • Damage: 750, 1500 RED Version Variant, BLACK Version Variant has 1.5x Damage as RED Version.
  • DoT: 1000, 2000 RED Version over 2 seconds. BLACK Version has 1.5 times damage as RED Version.
  • Pierce: 5
  • Accuracy: Pinpoint
  • Fire Rate: 4 shots per second
  • Reload Speed: 3.0 seconds
  • Ammo Capacity: 40 Rounds
  • Movement Mod: -35%
  • Firing Mode: Full-Auto
  • Damage type: Toxic

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