"Our espionage shows that the commander of of HVM's mercenaries are planning to sabotage the manufacturing facilities of many companies via undercover mercs disguising as innocent factory workers. We need help to separate the innocent from the guilty, and interrogate the guilty.

My plan to curb those dirty tactics is to form a group consisting of manufacturers, who will share ideas with each other, and help each other in attacking and defending. If you want your manufacturer to be part of it, please contact me. All members will have to think up of a gift to give to the other members. We will try to pressurize HVM to stop those dirty tactics, and will attack with the help of the Warhawk Enforcer Group if they don't cooperate in a reasonable fashion. HVM will pay for all their crimes."

Basic Summary:

The Thunderstorm Manufacturer is more of a peaceful group, until the time to attack arises. Then, the Warhawk Enforcer Group will provide support. Tactics include lawsuits, private conversations, blogs, and other peaceful methods. Members will not protest against anyone. Most of the time, the peaceful actions work, and the opponents will usually apologize and correct their admitted wrongdoings, and will even get along with the TMG for valuable advice. The group will also accept opponent's reasons, and provide effective rebuttals.

"Working together for the good of everybody"

Manufacturer Gifts:

Companies that have withdrawn:

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