A radio measage intercepted by SAS warriors from Xenon scientists:

"Sir! It's.... It's... It's hunting us down. I dont know what it is, but it wants our blood. It has the weapon. The weapon unleashed it from the darkest part of hell itself. Three other scientists are already dead. It hasntt found me yet. Oh God there it is. NO.... NO...... PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!!! (A blood churning scream followed by the sound of a knife ripping through flesh) (evil laughter)" The SAS then rescued the remaining scientists from a beast now known as the hell caster. They killed it and confiscated the weapon. Production of the sword continued and no more beasts have been released from hell. Yet.

Damage 5,000, 7,000 red

type of damage: biosynthetic. 10% chance of draining the life from your enemy.

ROF: 2 rps

dot: N/A

ammo: 5 energy cost

made by: Xenon Supply Corp

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