The chemist's main use is debuffing enemies

however is vulnerable when cornered_official description

What is chemist Edit

The Chemist is a class usually a debuffing it helps the team by launching debuffing items.

starting weapons Edit

It starts with Z-8 chem,and of course like every other class HVM 001

Skills Edit

active Edit

1.Chemical trail.The chemist will leave a were ever he goes for the the trail will last for 10 seconds(60 when maxed)

2.Beaker bomb.The chemist will throw a beaker of acid which will explode when it reaches its destination.The destination is where the cursor is last placed

3.Chemical spray.The chemist will spray green chemical which heads in the to side were the gun is pointing.the chemist to has to be level 20 to be used.


1.toxic aura. The chemist will have a toxic aura which deals damage to nearby enemies.

2.sticky chemical.When using a chemical launcher the chemical will stick to the enemies. Once chemical has sticked it will continue to damage the enemy until that enemy dies.

3.hit the ground.You may hit may hit the ground when using a chemical launcher.Useful to kill worms.

4.penetration.There is a chance of the shots of weapons will pierce through multiple enemies.

5.acid blood.Does the same thing the acid blood zombie mod does.

Apearance Edit

In the class selection screen chemist wears toxic gear and medusa gloves,pants,boots but the vest is carbon fibre and the helmet is possibly from the herc mask the last stand dead zone and uses wields the cm x1 furie(lulz you will always get the cm x1 furie after every championship even when you don't reach 1st, 2nd and third place or there is a different championship).the chemist's in game apearance has a chemical bottles strapped to his back and the head reveals that the chemist has dark skin and a gas mask.

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