"The Cobra Series 1 A1 is a weapon designed to use massive radiation to melt victims, turning their own insides as a weapon against them. Initially designed as an anti-personnel weapon, it is extremely useful for incinerating the brain of living organisms. Even through extremely thick armor."
―Official Description

With a combination of brutal damage and endless and highly powerful damage over time, this weapon is more than capable of holding it's own against others of it's tier.

It's fairly late game.

There are no real drawbacks.

Standard variationEdit

  • Ammo Cost: $400 for 150 normal shots, $800 for 150 high-damage shots
  • Damage: 350 Energy Damage
  • Armour penetration: 80%
  • Bonus damage over time: 350 per second, FOREVAR
  • Pierce: 2
  • Range: EXTREME
  • Accuraccy: Perfect
  • Fire Rate: 15 shots per second
  • Reload Speed: 3 seconds
  • Ammo Capacity: 80 shots
  • Movement Penalty: -10%
  • Firing Mode: Full auto

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